2008 Calendar
2008 Calendar of Programs

We begin 2008 with a number of our programs scheduled. Also planned, but yet to be scheduled is the Leading with Presence workshop in Northern Ireland.

April 7 to 9   Making a Difference workshop
Mullaghmore, Ireland
May 25 - 29   Intensive I
Northern Ireland
June 16 - 18   Making a Difference workshop
Howard University, Washington, DC
July 19 - 21   Foundations of Leadership
August 7 - 11   Leadership Conference
November 15 - 21   Meeting of the first class of the
School for Leadership
Northern Ireland
For more information about any of these programs, email information@masteryfoundation.org

IMG_0350 Intensive.jpg 

Participants working during the
2007 Intensive

Ireland Intensive Results

Ireland Intensive Results Our 10th annual Intensive for those working on peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland takes place in May. These Intensives make an enormous contribution to the work of grassroots religious and community leaders working for cooperation and the creation of a shared future. At the Intensive last October, the 37 participants included representatives of the Cambodian-American community, the Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus, one participant from Israel, and one of our American sponsors. That group has kept in touch by email. To read some of their comments about the value of the program (shared with their permission), click here.

IMG_0313 SFL.jpg  

Members of the

Enrollment Element

School for Leadership

A lot of our effort in 2007 went into building the School for Leadership we created in 2006.  Six communities or groups we call elements are doing the work of formulating and producing version 1.0 of the school.  (We borrowed this terminology from the field of computer software where different editions are given numerical designations as they change and evolve.)  We are currently designing applications for the first offering of the school in November.  To read more and to get on the email list to apply, go to: http://www.schoolforleadership.org/

Foundation 500

We invite you to support the ongoing work of the Mastery Foundation and the development of the School for Leadership as a Charter Friend of the Foundation 500. Through gifts of $1,000 or more each year for five years, members of the Foundation 500 create financial stability for our long-term commitments to the people we serve. To be part of one of the most innovative efforts to develop and sustain grassroots religious and community leaders in Northern Ireland, Israel and the United States, click here.

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