Making a Difference on a Larger Scale

During the last week in September we held a Making a Difference workshop as part of the Eastern Region Association of Unity Churches International Annual Renewal Conference. So instead of the usual three-day workshop for 20 to 40 participants, we reconfigured the course to accommodate 100 participants as part of their four-day retreat Generously Listen, Powerfully Live.

What a warm and fun group to work with! Each workshop session began with prayer and song (No Complaints Whatsoever was a favorite), and since Unity emphasizes applying spiritual principles in daily life, the distinctions of the workshop and practice of Centering Prayer were enthusiastically received. Special thanks to Rev. Don Lansky and the Eastern Region Conference team for the invitation to be of service and to experience their wonderful community.

The next Making a Difference workshop is scheduled for June 23-25, 2010 at Howard University School of Divinity. Click here for more information or to register.


Photograph of Rahat
by David Shankbone, Wikipedia

Report on the October 2009 visit to Israel

In early October, Allan Cohen, Jens Brasch, Nancy Juda and Ann Overton flew to Tel Aviv, where we were joined several days later by Pat Dillan. This second trip of 2009 was designed around three purposes: deepening our established relationships, reaching out to new people and organizations, and continuing the work of translating our ideas and distinctions into Hebrew and Arabic. As always, we were delighted to be back, to see the familiar and discover the new, and to spend time with our friends. Click here for the full report.


East Belfast Community Empowerment

At the invitation of the organization Charter for Northern Ireland, we held a two-day community empowerment program in November. Charter for Northern Ireland was created by ex-prisoners from the Protestant loyalist community who have committed themselves to developing their communities and reaching out beyond old sectarian divisions. The 20 participants came from the Protestant and loyalist areas of East Belfast and County Down and work on behalf of Charter with grassroots groups in their local areas.


Second Year of the First School For Leadership Cohort Begins

The second year of the first group enrolled in the School for Leadership officially began in November with the annual Five-Day program held in Northern Ireland. Eighteen participants (one was unable to travel due to the flu) arrived eager to move from the first-year focus on mastering and applying the distinctions of transformational leadership in their own lives to the second-year focus on developing transformational leadership in others.

In addition to working with the distinctions of our work, the program included daily Anusara Yoga for everyone, led by Nancy Straus; continued work on seeing the world through art, led by Jens Brasch; and development of greater presence and confidence through singing, led by Claude Stein. To read selected comments from the School participants' reports on their first year, click here.

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