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June 2006: Metairie, Louisiana Caring for the Caregivers
The first of two workshops donated for those ministering in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricanes was held near New Orleans in June. As one of the participants wrote us after the course, "We all came burdened by caring for others and left feeling refreshed to return to ministry in a new way. It was great to laugh together, to hear each one's sense of how God was working, and to be healed of some of the trauma — even as we face a new hurricane season." Click here to read more. The second Gulf Coast workshop will be held near Fairhope, Alabama, September 11 — 14. If you know of someone who should be considered for an invitation, please let us know.
Leadership Workshop in Rahat Community Center, Israel: April 1, 2006 Developing Leadership with Bedouin Youth
The highlight of the spring trip to Israel was a day working on leadership with youth in the Bedouin city of Rahat. They were clearly honored to have us as their guests, and they used the opportunity to show us their hospitality, share their culture, and express their appreciation and affection for us. Click here to read more about these inspiring young people and what they are learning.
Rahat, Israel: Traditional  Bedouin Coffee Preparation, April 2006 Dear Diary ....
Mastery Foundation Sponsors have the opportunity to attend a program each year they sponsor. Barbara Knox keeps a diary of her travels with us. Click here to read her experience of the day in Rahat. If you would like to be a Sponsor and play a pivotal role in financing the Mastery Foundationís work in the United States, Northern Ireland and Israel, please contact us at
Fr. M Basil Pennington with Sister Anna Fr. Basil Pennington's Final Book
Paraclete Press has recently published the final book written by Fr. Basil Pennington, the founding chairman of the Mastery Foundation who died last year. The completed manuscript for Journey in a Holy Land was found on his desk after his death. The book is the story of his trip to Israel several years ago, with reflections on some of the holy sites he visited. The preface is the homily that was given by Fr. Thomas Keating at Basil's funeral. You can read more about the book at the Paraclete Press website.
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