Empowering Those Committed to Building Inclusive Communities

The Ireland Initiative began in 1999 with a three-day conference to bring together a broad base of community leaders already working on peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

Held annually since that time, these gatherings are a unique and intensive process carefully designed to provoke new thinking and new conversations that leave participants with more access to their power to make a difference. Entrance is by invitation only and at no cost to those who have demonstrated their commitment to building inclusive communities.

During the three days, in a safe, hospitable environment, participants engage each other in a new conversation around these questions:

These are not academic questions, and the conversations designed around them are often challenging and sometimes heated. The purpose is to produce a breakthrough for the participants in their relationship to the past, to the future, and to what is possible for themselves and their communities.

Another integral part of the conference is frequent, daily periods of quiet. These periods of being silent together provide a spiritual foundation and connection while also allowing for and honoring the religious diversity and individual expression and experience.

Originally developed in partnership with Peter Block and Werner Erhard, two internationally recognized as experts in their fields and areas of expertise, the Intensives are now led by an senior team of Mastery Foundation program leaders. Rather than lecturing, they engage in a very open, intense, and interactive dialogue with the participants throughout the three days.


The Intensives of the Ireland Initiative are directly funded by a Mastery Foundation Sponsors, a small, select group of major donors. Sponsors also are invited to attend the Intensive to learn more about the situation in Northern Ireland, the work being done to promote peace and reconciliation, and the possibilities for the future.

For more information on supporting the Ireland Initiative, visit How to Contribute.