Some Principles
of Our Work

The work of the Mastery Foundation is an expression of our commitment to empower those who serve others. Underlying all our work is the conviction that all human beings possess a spiritual dimension, a concern and capacity for caring for the people and the world around them.

We strive to remain open to what we learn as we put our commitments into action. Our work has been rich with lessons and gifts. Among them are the following principles that guide us and direct our actions:

Beginning where we are. All change begins where we are -- with ourselves and the room we are in at this moment. We work at the grassroots level at the invitation and request of those who are committed to convening and building communities of shared accountability, communities that include and honor the gifts of all.

Working in the background. Just as great results are not always caused by great forces, the work of empowerment takes place away from daily issues and challenges. We focus on the underlying areas that shape and influence thinking and actions. We look for the small, elegant points of leverage that lead to breakthroughs - building relationships, dealing with identity, fostering dialogue and communication, sitting in silence together.

Convening people and groups in new ways. We do not attempt to resolve conflict, solve problems, or come up with answers. When people come together in a way that creates trust, respect and authentic dialogue, they can work out their own solutions and create their own possibilities. Bringing people together in this kind of safe space and engaging them in exploring powerful questions lead to the discovery of powerful new insights and possibilities.

Creating new conversations. To create new possibilities and a new future, you must be able to create new conversations. And there is no new future or new conversation until we first come to terms with the past in a way that we are freed from the limitations we have inherited.

Having something to say about the way it is. Those who have access to real power—the ability to make things happen—have no need for force or resignation. When people have the tools to empower themselves in the face of their circumstances, what they say and do makes a difference.