Convening Communities of Shared Accountability

At the crossroads where individual ministry and service intersect with community, there are opportunities for healing and for creating new conversations which can make a lasting, positive difference. In 2000 the Mastery Foundation began developing programs and initiatives for those who—through their ministries or their work at the grassroots on peace and reconciliation—are directly involved in making their communities better places to live.

These initiatives are not the usual meetings around the issues of community. They are not about negotiating, resolving conflicts, solving problems, or coming up with answers. Instead, they are designed to empower people in their relationship to their communities, giving them a new power and new tools to make their communities the places they want them to be.

Participants from every part of the community bring their individual concerns and experiences together to explore questions such as:

The result is new conversations free of the cynicism and resignation inherited from the past and the creation of new possibilities for a future in which everyone has a place and is valued.