Empowering Those Who Minister

Making a Difference: A Course for Those Who Minister is an interfaith workshop for both lay and ordained persons. It will challenge you to rethink what is possible for yourself and for your ministry, and it will provide you with the tools to successfully bring about a future that is a match for your vision and commitment.

In ministry there is seldom time to step aside and look behind our decisions, our habits and practices, to examine how we make choices, how we relate to ourselves and others. If we were to take the time, what would we see about how we approach our work, about the frameworks from which we think, about how we study and learn, about how we relate to others?

This course challenges old assumptions and creates new tools to empower you to deal effectively with the issues that are most basic and urgent to ministry—the daily business of fully living out your calling, making thoughtful choices, relating powerfully to others, and having your life and ministry make the difference you want them to make.

Rather than providing answers, tips or rules, Making a Difference is based on a technology of transformation that provides you with the tools to create a new and direct access to your own power and effectiveness. These tools enable you to move beyond the constraints placed on you—whether by yourself or by others and to find new power to shape what is possible for the future. As a result, you will experience a dramatic increase in your effectiveness and a new ability to make the difference you are committed to making.