2007 Calendar
2007 Calendar of Programs

We begin 2007 with a number of our programs scheduled. Also planned, but yet to be scheduled, are a program in Israel during the summer and additional School for Leadership programs.

April 23 - 25   Making a Difference workshop,
Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland
June 4 -6   Making a Difference workshop,
Howard University Divinity School,
Washington, D.C.
July 23 - 25   Making a Difference workshop,
Fairhope, Alabama
September 24 - 28   School for Leadership Conference (invitation only)
October 15 - 17   Peace and Reconciliation Intensive I
in Northern Ireland (invitation only)
Bridghe Vallelly at The School for Leadership Inaugural Conference
The Mastery Foundation's School for Leadership

At the end of October, the Mastery Foundation began working in earnest on the foundations of the School for Leadership we created in May. The idea behind the school is to provide greater access to the education we offer and to do so beyond the years of the tenure of those who began the Mastery Foundation in the early 1980s. Building a school seems a way to create an organizational structure that allows for the ongoing fulfillment of the concerns at the heart of the Mastery Foundation. To read more about the three-day conference where a foundation for the school was established, click here.

Crossing the Swamp in the Rahat Community Center
A New Kind of Leadership
for the Young People of Rahat

Our work in Israel is brimming with new possibilities — of introducing those who have participated in our various programs to each other to form a new network of support, of seeing the growth and self-expression in a young leaders group with whom we have worked, and of new groups asking to participate in our workshops. A life rich in possibility is one worth living to the fullest, and we see ourselves becoming more deeply engaged in the area. To read about our most recent trip to Israel, click here.

2006 Annual Report

The Mastery Foundationís accomplishments are directly attributable to the work and generosity of our donors and volunteers. They fund our work, lead our programs, and perform many of the functions that would be done by a paid staff in larger organizations. Together they make our work possible. To read what they accomplished in 2006 and the difference they made, click here to view our 2006 Annual Report.

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