Apply to the School for Leadership

We are now accepting applications from religious and grassroots community leaders for the first three-year cycle of the School for Leadership which begins with the October 2008 quarter.  To apply, download the application form at http://schoolforleadership.org/participate.htm and return it to us by July 31st


Our 10th Ireland Intensive

Forty six participants completed the Ireland Intensive in May.  The group included eight participants from Israel, three from the Cambodian community, and one of the sponsors who funds our work.  This invitation only, three-day residential program is the cornerstone of our Ireland Initiative.  The 2008 Intensive marks the tenth consecutive year we have brought together those working on peace and reconciliation or coexistence in their communities to provoke new thinking and new conversations that will lead to new possibilities for a shared future. We have now reached the point where community leaders working on reconciliation in Northern Ireland tell us they have been waiting to get their invitation to participate in this powerful program.

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As We Knew Him: Reflections on M. Basil Pennington

Basil Pennington lived more than 50 years as a Cistercian monk and priest, called to a life of solitude and silence, prayer and contemplation.  He also traveled the world teaching, wrote more than 25 books, served four monastic communities, and was a founder of the Centering Prayer movement and the Mastery Foundation.  As We Knew Him is the story of one of the great spiritual leaders of the last century. Family, friends and colleagues who knew Basil and worked alongside him share their experiences of a simple yet charismatic man of faith and the difference he made in millions of lives. Click on book photo to purchase from Amazon.com

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Community: The Structure of Belonging

How is community built? How does the transformation occur? What fundamental shifts are involved? In his new book, Peter Block helps us see how we can change the existing context of community from one of deficiencies, interests, and entitlement to a context of possibility, generosity, and gifts.  As he says in the opening lines, "This book is written to support those who care for the well-being of their community.  It is for anyone who wants to be part of creating an organization, neighborhood, city, or country that works for all, and who has the faith and the energy to create such a place". Click on book photo to purchase from Amazon.com

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