Ireland Intensive

In May we held the 12th Ireland Intensive for community leaders at work healing divisions, building communities, and reconciling divisions in their society. It was a diverse group of 29 men and women: Protestants and Catholics, ex-combatants, members of the police service, educators, religious leaders, youth workers, and professional facilitators. As always, the closing celebration was a magical evening of song, stories, poetry, and good humor that left all of us present to the possibility of a reconciled world. To read two poems from one of the participants, click here.

School for Leadership

The participants in the first cohort of the School for Leadership are at the halfway mark in the three-year program. The annual three-day gatherings in each region in April and May showed the great progress made so far. That already has us thinking about the second cohort, which we anticipate will begin in the fall of 2011. Anyone interested in applying can go to the School for Leadership website http://www.schoolforleadership.org/participate.htm


A Child’s View of “The Troubles”

If you ever wondered what it was like to grow up in the midst of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, you may want to follow 12-year-old Tony Macaulay (now a participant in the School for Leadership) on his paper route through the upper Shankill Road. Paperboy is funny and touching; a wonderful glimpse of Belfast life in the 1970s. You can order copies from www.amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk


Coming Up

We have two Making a Difference workshops in June followed by a meeting of School Builders in July, work in Israel in August, and in October we hold the third Five-Day program for the current cohort in the School for Leadership. Look for another newsletter with reports on all this activity in November or December.

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