The Mastery Foundation - November 2010

Nancy Juda and Mahmud Alamour preparing for the two-day workshop
Trip to Israel

Our August trip to Israel was organized around a two-day workshop for 30 Jewish and Palestinian participants from Israel and the West Bank and a one-day program for 21 teachers at the Leo Baeck Primary School in Haifa. To read more about the two programs, click here.

The participants, faculty, and staff at the five-day program


School For Leadership

The first cohort of the School for Leadership began their third and final year in October with five days of intense practice in what it takes to create and transfer distinctions through Mastery Foundation programs. During 2011 they will continue their apprenticeship in programs in Northern Ireland, Israel, and the U.S. The next newsletter with have details on those programs and on enrollment into the Second Cohort that will begin next November.

“Transforming Preaching”

Jim Bradley, now-retired Episcopal priest and long-time Mastery Foundation board member and workshop leader, is one of 10 preachers featured in the book, Transforming Preaching, by Ruthanna Hooke, assistant professor of homiletics at Virginia Theological Seminary. As a young intern with Jim at St. John's in Waterbury, Connecticut, Hooke says, “Jim's preaching taught me much of what I know about this craft and discipline and inspired me with the sense that preaching really can make a difference in the world.”

This book is available at

  Coming Up

We are currently working to schedule programs for 2011, including two Making a Difference workshops in the United States and various programs in Northern Ireland and Israel. Look for a preliminary calendar of events in our January newsletter.

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