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Three Saints, Interior, Church in Bordeaux, France Interfaith
You canít explain what it is to be a priest, a rabbi, a minister. In the Making a Difference course we say it has something to do with bringing God, or that which is eternal, present for others. Do that, and you can trust the rest to work out. Click here for a story found on a web log, full of honesty and ministry and presence.
Peter Block and Elbrist Mason in Clarksdale, August 2005 Community Empowerment
If anything is more difficult than working together in community, perhaps it is being a community leader. Click here to read what Elbrist Mason, the pastor of Haven United Methodist Church in Clarksdale, Mississippi, writes about the challenges and possibilities of leadership.
Board President Fran Travisano and Board Member Fr. Gerry OíRourke with Councillor Wallace Browne, the Lord Mayor of Belfast, November 2005 Peace and Reconciliation
Our two key peace and reconciliation programs in Northern Ireland took place in September and November. Each one had 40 participants, and each course in its own way took new ground and produced major breakthroughs. Click here to read more.
Paddy and Mary Breslin in Greencastle, County Donegal, September 2005 Mary Breslin
We mourn the loss and celebrate the life of a great human being -- our friend and partner Mary Breslin, who died in November. No one gave more to her family, her community, and her friends than Mary. The work of the Mastery Foundation in Northern Ireland would not exist without her passion, dedication, and love. To read more click here.

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