Creating an Authentic Alternative for the Future

As an interfaith organization, the Mastery Foundation is committed to working in those places where religious differences are a source of conflict.

We believe that the fundamental work to be done in our time is the work of reconciliation. Yet how can reconciliation take place in cultures and environments that argue for maintaining your identity, preserving your history, and defining yourself by injustices and wrongdoing? In those conditions, it is almost certain that the future is going to look very much like the past.

What the Mastery Foundation has to offer here is not in the area of conflict resolution, mediation, or problem solving. We do not have answers or any special knowledge of the issues. What we do have to offer are tools and approaches that can empower those already working on peace and reconciliation in the creation of powerful, new, and effective possibilities for the future.

These enormously dedicated and generous individuals know there can be no lasting peace without relationships built on trust and respect; no way forward unless people at every level and segment of a society have the means and willingness to enter into authentic dialogue; and there can be no change, no new future without reconciliation and healing.

By working with these men and women in a variety of settings and programs—from intensive workshops and conferences to training courses—they can acquire and develop tools that will help them:

We bring to this effort a proven track record of empowering others in their commitments; an exceptional team of leaders and volunteers; and our work since 1999 with people of all faiths across the island of Ireland that has not asked for concessions or compromises but has built bridges of understanding, respect and trust.

Currently, the Mastery Foundation is doing this work in Northern Ireland and Israel.